Seller FAQ's ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Which categories products are right for Naaptol?

Products that solve problems, add convenience to life, appeal to a wide base audience, having unique features and benefits and are highly demonstrable are of interest of Naaptol. The following is the list of product categories that Naaptol is pursuing:

Apparel & Accessories, Footwear & Bags, Mobiles. Tablets & Computers, Home & Kitchen, Home Line & Furniture, Jewelry & Watches, Car & Bike Accessories, Consumer Electronics, Kids & Toys, Beauty & Wellness, Sports & Fitness.
List of all categories

Is there a minimum quantity?

A minimum quantity depends upon the price and category. However, Naaptol deliver products to customers in almost entire India and certain amount of product inventory is required. On the other hand , a minimum quantity for initial test phase is relatively small.

Is there a fee or charge for submission?

Naaptol does not charge for product evaluation.

How can I speak directly with a merchandiser to discuss my product?

Considering the volume of product submissions, buyers are unable to speak directly with applicants at the outset. However, if your product is selected for further evaluation , you will be contacted by our merchandiser.

How long will the Naaptol review will take ?

Naaptol's merchandiser will contact you by email to inform you of a decision in approximately 2-3 weeks from the time your submission is received.

I have multiple products . Should I submit an application for each product?

We encourage you to include multiple products in one application. Furthermore , we think it's a good idea to limit your submission to a small number of products that will be most interesting to Naaptol. We also encourage you to provide a link to your website(if applicable)so we can view your entire collection.

Should I mail a product sample to Naaptol at the time of Application?

No, Naaptol prefers that you do not send any samples until we request. Upon evaluation , If Naaptol requests a sample, please enclose a copy of your product submission form along with the sample . Naaptol accepts no responsibility or liability for the safe the safe arrival , handling or return of any submitted materials . Naaptol does not return unsolicited product. We highly recommend that you do not send any materials that can not be replaced , such as an original mold/dye or prototype.

What cost should I keep in mind to have business with Naaptol?

On the top of the cost of goods to Naaptol. There are several costs to consider , including but not limited to :

  • Packaging and shipping your products to the fulfillment center
  • Storing your products at the fulfillment center
  • Required quality testing , certifications and inspections and
  • Supplying an on-air Expert/Guest

Naaptol is unable to provide estimates on these costs

Will Naaptol help me to develop and/or manufacture my product idea?

As of now , Naaptol only works with vendors who can supply functional products; Naaptol does not assist inventors and entrepreneurs with manufacturing.

Does my product have to be finished product ?

The item you submit for a product evaluation should be functional product with secured manufacture.

Will you accept the application if the required fields are not completed ?

No, you have to fill out the mandatory fields in order to submit your application

Can I access to Naaptol's shipping and quality control requirements ?

Once Naaptol has decided to provide support for selling your product , we will provide you with access to our Quality Assurance, Packaging and Labelling Guidelines. We do not release this information until it is determined that Naaptol is interested in your product.