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If you do not deem round to be a shape and ardently believe in fitness zealous participation in sports remains your best bet. Apart from keeping you in the pink of health by boosting vitality and endurance levels, sports activities inculcate unparalleled discipline in the players. Also, concentrating all your endeavour for the accomplishment of a specific goal is a huge motivator, The adrenalin pumping stuff underscoring any kind of sports extricates you from a moribund mindset, If you abhor anything mundane, there is a wide array of sporting activities to choose from, viz, swimming, tennis, cricket, football, horse-riding, boxing, baseball, rugby, bowling, skating, cycling, badminton, hockey, pool & billiards, and the list can go on and on. A person needs loads of strength to pursue any kind of sports. The training for the same also varies accordingly. A player shall not train for pole- vaulting and swimming in an identical fashion, Cross-training, however, is a great option. Cross training effectively means encompassing a host of interesting sporting activities into your fitness program. A lot of research has positively correlated training to building of strapping bones. Additionally, an active sports rendezvous leads to a copious consumption of water, which is an elixir for life and lends your skin a radiant glow. In a nutshell, one size does not fit all and you may choose a sport based on your disposition to keep yourself hale and hearty all your life. Remember, it is, undoubtedly, the best anti-aging therapy you can bestow upon yourself.