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Air Sofa

The air lounge hot-air balloon sofa cum bed can make you experience the comfy cuddle of deluxe furniture. It is just the ideal furnishing for small areas because it can simply convert itself into a bed or recliner without any extra effort. The leather touch finish of some of its models makes it appear truly elegant in every corner of your home. There are also portable sleeping bags, air pillow, Luxury Inflatable Sofa, etc. available under the same category. All these products are extremely alluring as all of them exude attractive design and reflect a modern look to your home decor. Being just a sofa cum bed, it can be kept anywhere and everywhere considering our comfort zones. Interestingly, you can even roll it inside its carrying bag and can put it in the closet.

Space Saving Home decor!

The inflatable sofa cum bed is basically a hybrid helium balloon bed. Use these products in five comfortable formats and they are- a normal bed, a queen size bed, a booster bed, a sofa, and a recliner. This clearly shows the usefulness of this fixture of course. Pump it up in a minute and set it up to use it in your desired style. Be it indoor or be it outdoor, these products will accompany you anywhere anytime you need it. Crafted with heavy duty PVC, these items are strong enough to last long resisting punctures from jagged surfaces. This sofa cum bed is perfect for surprising or startling appearance of guests for a night stay all of a sudden. You can relax upon it while watching movies, playing games or while reading a book as well. Also, carry it as your camping bed and let yourself recline on the most comfortable, cushioned seating just the time the bonfire is starting to burn. The inflatable sofa cum bed is a multitalented bed fixture that you can purchase and use at its best. Maintain your own unique style effortlessly and that too without splurging on.