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Singer Sewing Machine:- Singer Corporation is an American organization, founded in the year 1851. Since its establishment, the name 'Singer' is synonymous with sewing machines. The name of the company was renamed twice i.e. in the year 1865 and in the year 1963 as Singer Manufacturing Company and The Singer Company, respectively. In the year 1885, the company produced first vibrating shuttle sewing machine, which is an upgraded version of contemporary transverse shuttle designs. It manufactures products for every level of sewing, be it for home use or industrial use. All the products fabricated are creatively designed with quality and technology. The company has made the world's first zig-zag machine and electronic machine, and is now the proud maker of the world's most advanced home sewing and embroidery machines. The machines produced by the company are equipped with smart technologies, sophisticated designs and functions, high-end features and most importantly affordable price tags,

Singer sewing machines range include Very basic. Basic, Electronic, Embroidery and sewing, Sergers, Garment Care, SCHOLASTIC Machines and Industrial products. Very Basic machines deliver basic stitches for simple sewing tasks; Basic machines include features that you need for basic projects and few other creative features; Electronic machines include creative and time-saving features that make sewing convenient, even for novices; and Embroidery and sewing machines are designed for love, who love to sew and are equipped with functions that make stitching easier so that you can allow your creativity to lead the way. Moreover, with the help of Sergers, you can trim and finish raw fabric edges to give your stitching a polished look. Garment Care machines are wonderful tools for pressing, steaming and caring your clothes, while the industrial purpose machines are professional-grade hemming machines and sergers for heavy usage. All these machines are equipped with features and technologies that make stitching and mending tasks easier, polished and much more time saving. You can choose any of these quality and technology-rich hemming machines as per your requirement and price affordability.