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Stock availability

Interested in buying, please reply me when stock is available.

asking for damages to electronics devices

Can i use it in my computer room ? will it damages to electronics devices ? for ex.. Computer, Led Tv and extra.. How much square feet area does it cool ? I am interested to buy but if you give me satisfactory answer

Aswking for avolable About mist fan

How many days for availability of mist fan ? inport from which country ? more costomer are waiting for mist fan and i am so ...

Does The Mist Fan create water residual formation

I would like to know if while fan is in operation would there be an water residual formation that would collect on the floors or walls, I need to be certain as I Plan to use this in my Hall Room with expensive LCD TV, HOME THEATER SYSTEM etc; I don't want the mist falling on these. Kindly Confirm this immediately as I am Interested in Purchasing the same. also in case the Product does not work do you have a replacement Guarantee.

Kya fan me se pani bhi bahar aae ga kya

Its a cooler. Or a water spray mist fan. Water also come out through the fan.. If not then please to operate it..and what about its cooling capacity area.

mist fan can use outdoor

Can v use this fan on outside area like garden open place parking etc.