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In the heated environment you may be confused to choose between cooler and air conditioner. While there is a clear and huge gap of prices between both, and may be the primary factor to make your choice obvious but there is another functional difference. Cooler and AC are suitable for two different sort of heated environment. A cooler is best suited for a dry hot weather because coolers add water in the breeze to cool the environment while AC removes the humidity from the environment. A cooler is not conducive to humid climates but is an ideal option for dampened cooling for a dry climate. So considering the environmental factors when you have decided to purchase a cooler, you still need to consider different factors.

Modern coolers are available in high quality plastic and different styles and shape to suite your requirements. Different attractive model are available in the market designed according to the cooling area and water tank capacity. The normal coolers are also generally called evaporative or swamp coolers and they can down the temperature in the suitable conditions to the extent of as low as 20 F from the room temperature.

The Technology

Modern coolers simply use the technology and electrical power to reduce the temperature of the environment and still typically work on the old rules. A motor essentially circulates the water by pumps and sprinkled in water soaking, fibrous pads, while a regular fan powered by a separate motor throws the cooled air out through a window. This continuous process cools the entering hot air and cools it by evaporating the water. This process cools the environment and the chilled air is circulated again and again.

Air Cooler-Basic Variants

There are basically two variants of the air coolers, Single-stage and two-stage. Single-stage or direct evaporative coolers are the typical simple form of coolers that can be signified by the pad style. The second type is double-stage coolers which there are window-mounted coolers.

Key Factors

Capacity and Installation

According to the room size choose the right capacity of cooler because a lower capacity cooler will defeat the purpose. While deciding on an evaporative cooler you should dedicate some time to analyze whether the unit is moveable and easy to install and maintain. Moreover, be informed that coolers usually require a bit more maintenance than ACs, general task including refilling the water, draining the unit, and cleaning pads regularly. Caster Wheels give you the move ability through a trolley. Coolers are very popular because of some solid reason listing from using only one third the amount of energy of the ACs, very economic means of luxury for the once who do not have the budget for the expensive ACs, Lower installation and maintenance cost in comparison to ACs, no harmful ozone damaging refrigerants etc.

Thickness of Pads: Pad thickness ensures to hold more water for longer time to cool down the temperature of the air. So it is vital to get good performance, Cooler pads should be generally at least 50-90 mm thick.

Features: A two-speed motor attached to the fan and a pump with a separate motor is the basic features which both work mutually to cool down the temperature and make for a simple reliable cooler. But innovation and research had developed other features to enhance convince and functionality.

Speed Settings: Normally there are three options for the speed function, low, medium and high. So you can choose any of them according to the temperature. Though many modern coolers have automatic control to change the fan speed automatically, and switch the pump and fan on and off after a certain time or intervals.

Automatic Shutoff Dampers: Automatic Shutoff Dampers are flaps that open when the fan starts, and closes when the fan is stops for reducing the loss of heat.

Automatic Water Level Controller: Automatic factory made water level controller automatically maintains the water level in the water tank. For this a free flowing water inlet pipe should be connected to the water tank inlet pipe to automatically allow or stop the inflow of the water whenever required.

Water Level Indicator: The water level indicator shows you the level of the water in the water tank through a mechanical lever, solving your problem of checking the water level.

Now when you are aware about most of the features to look for in a cooler, you are all set to bring the mercury down.