Toasters- Breakfast made easyBuying Guides in Toasters & Sandwich Makers

A toaster is really helpful for you to prepare a healthy breakfast in the hurrying mornings. They are the essential home appliances that save your important time and energy in making food. Toaster has evolved a lot from the retro toaster to a more versatile cooking medium. From a pop-up toaster, which is the most basic type to a countertop toaster oven, you can choose and decide according to your cooking habits and your budget. A countertop toaster would suite you better if you do not have the concern of the space and cook for crowd , a two-slice toaster is the most compact choice for a small two people family.

Toasters have developed a lot since their invention and modern day toaster ovens come with a variety of different features. There is a panoramic range of styles, functions, construction, colors and sizes to match your requirements and kitchen furnishing. How the toaster works and the heating mechanism also matters as the standard toaster models use a standard heating element while others use convection heating which dynamically toast, brown and broil and are faster than the traditional style models. There are other aspecialized Infrared heating toasters like microwave oven, which has the restriction for papers and glass to be used.

Do you want a versatile Toaster

Do you want to have a versatile toaster or toaster that give you many option for cooking and a range of cooking styles other then browning a piece of bread like making cheese sandwich, make cookies broil a hamburger, bake pastries, prepare pizza or roast a chicken. The number of feature you want to add to your toaster depends upon your spending capacity and the space in your kitchen for a larger unit.

Decide what you're willing to spend

Toaster ovens generally cost you more than the simple toaster because they are larger, finer and versatile giving you many options for cooking.

Types of toasters

Toasters are so simple and easy to operate, basic home appliances that are not very fancy and complex. You will find most of the toasters simple in design and functionality. But with times toaster have also developed and "toaster oven" are the new generation of the earlier toasters. So you can find from very simple box shaped toaster to the most advanced and versatile toaster ovens.

  • Toasters These are very simple style compact toasters that come in variant models like two slice, three-slice, four slice in variety of finishes and colors. Contemporary design makes them even more attractive that look very good in your designer kitchen. But they are generally for browning breads. They do not give you many options for cooking.

  • Toaster ovens

    Toaster ovens come in two categories- countertop models that can be placed over a platform or a shelf in the kitchen and in-built models that are mounted underneath cabinets in the kitchen platform. So you should first look for the space wherein you wish to place your toaster. Big toasters would obviously consume more space but give you more capacity. These toaster oven are also equipped in different technology like element heating, infrared heating etc. An infrared heating toaster is very fast in toasting.nce, consider a toaster oven that uses infrared heating, which speeds toasting.

    Let's look at some features that are important in any toaster.

    Even browning

    A good quality toaster oven should be consistent in at least the basic feature for it is been invented. It should evenly toast and produce consistent color from light to dark. An expert toaster oven provides thorough doneness to all the slices in a batch.


    There are consistent issues raised by customers about this feature as some toasters blast after overheating, especially that have plastic housing are less likely to sustain heat. So an automatic shutoff feature is a must as a safety measure and most of the new age toaster have it..

    Convenient controls

    The toaster should be carefully crafted for the precise and accurate controls. Electronic touchpad are the latest to give you ease of controls, they require careful handling. Numbered dial have been a more easy way of controlling the working in your toaster. You should go for the control panels that are clearly labeled and identifiable.

    Slot size and Bread lift

    The toaster should have enough deep slots to accommodate big slices. Bread lift is a useful feature that helps you pick breads from the toaster easily.

    Cleaning Convenience

    New age toasters come with removable trays that you can easily clean. Some even come with porcelain interiors and non-stick pans which are easy to wipe down.

    Warm/reheat settings

    Automatic controls to warm, reheat, and/or defrost food are convenient to have.
    Last but not the least that if possible try to check that the toaster works well and do not forget to compare prices over different shopping portals.