Portable Speakers- Small size fits allBuying Guides in Portable Speakers

Whether we're on a road trip, in a hotel or in the middle of a park, using portable speakers is a great way to allow a large group of people to listen to our music. These speakers don't require a USB port or a power outlet. They only require a 3.5mm audio jack to fill the room with our favorite tunes from a computer or MP3 player. The compact design makes them perfect for travel and, since most of them run on batteries; they don't have to be tethered to a plug in the wall. Portable speakers come in different shapes and sizes, along with variety of features. Before we go out and purchase a portable speaker, it is important to know what type of features to look for.

Following are the factors to be considered before buying portable speakers:


We can tell a lot about a pair of speakers from their specifications. Items such as the Frequency Response, Sensitivity and Output Power include numbers that we can directly compare with other products. It is also important to take into account the power required to run the speakers and how long that power source lasts.

Brand Name

When it comes to portable speaker, brand names do not make them better. Many of the lesser-known brands have better features and are made from top-quality materials. If we keep an open mind and look at all brands, we will definitely find the speaker that best suits our needs.


Travel speakers need to be easy to carry and simple to store. If a speaker is big and bulky, it can hardly be considered "portable." They need to have a compact design, so that they can fit in our carry-on bag, our backpack or even our laptop case. However, just because these speakers are light in weight, it doesn't mean that they should give a lightweight performance.


One feature that we want to look for when purchasing a portable speaker is dual USB technology. This makes the speaker compatible with both Macs and PCs. USB technology also gives a wider range of other devices that it is compatible with. Usually, a portable speaker that has dual USB technology is compatible with MP3 players, handheld video games and Smartphone. This type of technology will give us options and makes the speaker more worth our money. We want to make sure that we are going to get clear audio that is free of static and interference, if we purchase a portable speaker that has digital signal processing bass. This form of turbo bass technology not only gives our music new life, but also keeps the audio clean and clear. A portable speaker that has subwoofers will also help keep the sound clear and free of interference. It will also help broadcast the audio to further distances, making the sound louder.

Ease of Use

MP3 speakers are not worthwhile, if they are not easy to use. A simple design is essential for speakers that we're using on-the-go. Sophisticated wiring set-ups or complicated controls can make an audio accessory not worth the hassle. When looking for mini speakers, there should be little more to do aside from plugging them in and letting them play.

Size & Weight

The size and weight of the portable speaker is another feature that we want to consider before purchasing one. If we want to carry our speakers wherever we go, we should find a compact speaker.

Battery Life

Other things to look at while purchasing a portable speaker is its battery life and whether it is rechargeable or not! Dust-proof, screw-less casing is more durable and long lasting than any others. If we do our research and look into these features before going for shopping, we will definitely find the portable speaker that suits our needs.


We should not let the simplicity of the speaker design fool us. Even easy-to-use products may have some issues. This section explores what kind of resources each product has, to help the user with any problems they may have. A wide variety of help and support options will give peace of mind to any consumer.

Therefore, even if we are purchasing the speakers for the first time; without much knowledge about the technicalities, by following the above mentioned buying tips, we would definitely land up buying the best portable speakers for us.