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Xolo 4G Big Screen Android Selfie Phone 24%
  • Android
  • Dual Sim
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XOLO is trying improving and enhancing its technologies used in its mobile gadgets to get the utmost satisfaction from the users. Fast paced smart phone experience is thus possible with these gizmos coming right from the creative hub of Xolo. Look-wise. they are the eye-arresting ones; Performance-wise they are the showstoppers. So. overall they are designed to give you an engaging thrill and an immersive mobile operating ease. Today's generation will surely be enthralled by the machinery used in these hand held devices. Xolo Mobile Phones also maintain an incessant pace in every kind of operation and that's indeed a glee for tech-savvy users!

Xolo creations are completely capable to create multitasking environment even on the go! Now. you can do your long-cherished activity in just a jiffy! On the rear front. many models of the brand sport high dynamic range functionality which abets keeping up the realness of an image by adjusting brightness of your click. More on. the large screens of the devices will show you life like visuals along with high resolution capacity. The dazzling imagery will soothe your eyes at the moment of watching movies and video clips. E-book reading and gaming will not make your eyes tired with the delightful views of these small gadgets. Even the heavy apps will run seamlessly on their screens with the help of the powerful fueling of efficient core processors. No more lags and slowdown of the smart phone engine will come in your way of activities! Urbane design also reflects a premium appearance of the Xolo Mobile. In most of its handsets. the glass panels adorn the gadgets with the corner to corner design. Color production is moderately good in these gizmos. So. whatever you do will definitely be a gratifying affair with Xolo. Among the pre-loaded apps. there are- PIM backup to save your contacts and text messages. Movie Studio. FM Radio. Wireless display. Xolo Care and Weather forecast and so on. Indeed. these phones are capable enough and much more impressive if you compare them with other competitor's smart phones with a same price tag.