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Spice belongs to that group of mobile manufacturers which is booming fast in the industry. Packed with supreme innovations and creative techniques, all these Spice Mobile Phones are perfectly able to deliver stellar performance every time you use them! Initially the brand has commenced its journey with the production of elementary level phones. And here comes the days when this brand is flourishing and thriving in the market with appealing smart phones. Most importantly, the brand is dedicatedly offering a much appreciated, inexpensive budget phones so that anyone and everyone can bag them with a big broad smile on their face! The more you delve into their specs, you will surely get surprised.

Spice is the first ever launcher of dual SIM calling phones in the Indian marketplace. As the time passed by the brand has developed its technologies and improved a lot in manufacturing gizmos. And consequently, the brand snatched the crown of 'Golden Peacock Innovation' for making its creations more beautiful and stylish. A great range of colorful telecom gadgets is therefore available in Spice store. All you need to do is to get ready for a completely digital experience. With the help of FM radio facility, cheer up every gloomy moment with the jolly chatters of radio jockeys and the on-air music shows coming out of the local FM radio stations. Multiple codec playable media players render amazing music competency. Playback your hot favorite audio and video contents back to back with zero difficulty! Both CDMA and GSM networks are there in the Spice handsets. Imperishable battery backup is another specialty of Spice Mobile. From multimedia to crystal clear pictures- these gizmos are the masters of every field. And even after offering such exclusivity in the feature and specs list, these phones cost truly affordable price and do not even make a dent in the customer's pocket.