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Maharaja Whiteline coolers use to have a compact design and an inexpensive price range. That is why people can afford them easily. With the boons of high end accessibility, these coolers render power packed performance. Low energy consumption and the big brand tag's support in the background work together and turn out most effective coolers from this brand. Being low noise coolers, they get the work done silently. So, your sleeping time will be peaceful as you always cherish for. Sleek and modern appearance of these air coolers is another reason behind the soaring demand for them in the market as well. Maharaja Whiteline Coolers always carry a sufficient water tank to store adequate water for the evaporation process while cooling down the temperature. Auto Louvier feature of these coolers abets equal air supply towards each single corner of the surrounding. In-built evaporative pad is included within these machines. The pads are generally made of wood wool. So certainly, you will refresh yourself with their much economic cooling system, Prevention of water and energy wastage is also ensured by these air coolers as they have multiple speed controls, Some of the Maharaja Whiteline Coolers also have water level indicator or an overflow pipe to throw out the excess water, Summer season is the only time when you get exhausted and want to have something refreshing around you, Through Maharaja Whiteline Coolers online shopping in India and by chhosing Naaptol to shop you will get that same reviving feel in and out. Just a single click; and you will be amazed with the chilled air blast around you.