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Kenstar Maxocool Super (CL-KCBMSW1W-FCA) Desert Air Cooler 60L
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    Kenstar coolers are one of the best designed and energy efficient appliances that liven up the urban lives. If you prefer to own an inexpensive yet effective air cooler, then you can get an affordable range in Kenstar Coolers price in India. Most importantly, the coolers of this brand render the ultimate performance so that each user can feel contented while using it. Natural process of evaporation powers these coolers. At the same time, they provide adequate moisture in the arid atmosphere and bring amazing relief. You need not to worry for the maintenance part as all these coolers maintain a simple structure and design.

    Kenstar coolers generally come up with a huge water tank to provide plenty of water resource while reducing the high temperature of the surroundings. Every type of coolers carries a certain limit of cooling capacity. Kenstar gives an ergonomic structure along with high end efficiency in functioning. Many of its coolers are meant to deliver some more feature packed performance to the consumers. For extra chilled air supply, some of the Kenstar coolers have Honey Comb Technology. Casters attached under the coolers ensure an easy move if you need to change its place.

    Today, Kenstar coolers price in India get decreased than before. They are much more affordable now. To save your precious time, you can go for Kenstar Coolers online shopping in India. Amongst the best shopping portals on the Internet. Naaptol holds a trustworthy place. You can easily make safe payments and own your chosen product here. Naturally, the cool breeze of happiness is just a click away from you.