All Q&A for Classic Style Instant Heating Electric Tap

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Service cente

Is there any service center in Kolkata?

plumbing requirements

my kitchen sink where i want to fix this instrument has a tap that is wall mounted. the cold water tap that is originally provided is fixed to the wall. can this instrument be attached to it?

plumbing requirement

what are the plumbing requirement of the product. Do we need to call a plumber for fitting the tap, or how do we do the connections

temperature adjustment features

Does it have temperature control/adjustment features ? otherwise it may release boiling water and one may get burns accidentally.

Can we use this for bath?

Can we install it in bathroom and use for bath? I would like to use such instead of a geyser. I want to know if we will get good hot water from this for bath?

Whether useful for bathing

I am interested to buy this product and want to know whether we can get enough hot water for bathing purpose and continuously how long we can use this tap? Can we get cold water like water in refrigerator?