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The Lingering Luminosity!

Light always stands for positivity, divinity and purity, Earthen lamp is one of the most preferred decor items when the festive season of Hindus starts. In fact, every culture has a special sentiment to these decor items and that's why today's people usually decorate their home with light, lamps & diyas all through the year. Just like candles, the earthen diya has a different appeal to soothe our eyes and to tinge the glowing effect into the aura. They are available with different kinds of material, design and colors in the market, Indisputably, once you keep them in your dwelling, they elevate charm and grace of the ambience through-and-through. Simply switch off your electric driven light or bulb and see the magic captivating every nook and cranny. You will surely feel that 'angelic' thrill. In the entire lighting market, you will get a swarm of amazing lighting accessory for your sweet home, which will make you confused sometimes regarding what to pick and what to leave. Wire Woven table lamp and floor lamp can be one of your favorites if you delve deep into the variety.

Let it Glow!

Usually diyas are made up of environment friendly materials like clay and thick terracotta. Basically, people give foremost preference to diyas with designer dyes. A good great range of patterns, colors and designs of these diyas or lamps is an added advantage when you want something totally complimenting to your home decor. Grace up your ambience with lamps & diyas with beads work, glitter effects. Golden lace adornment and blend tradition with your own unique style. Wire weave lamps of Anthea range are extremely adorable when you are looking for striking lighting solutions. For sophisticated and trendy look, go for Ivy table lamp, Jasmine range is very popular in the world of wire woven lamps. To bring a grand effect into your living area, decorate your place with Aluminium Table Lamp that stands tall at a corner and renders the perfect luminosity to the backdrop.