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Lenovo Essential Flip Cover & Screenguard
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    Tablets are great for mobile computing and communications. In fact, tablets have changed the overall outlook of the users for mobile computing to a great extent. Adding certain accessories to today's hi-tech tablets make them better than before. These accessories are - Tablet Case, Screen Guard, Stand, iPad Speaker, Chargers, Pen Mouse, Tablet Keyboard, Cables and Convertors. Tablets rely on touchscreens for inputs. Though effective at times you want to feel your inputs especially for tasks like typing. For such times you can opt for a keyboard dock. Tablets are a good way of watching movies while on the go, but if you don't want to hold them all the time while you are watching your favourite flick, you can go for a case that also works like a stand. Tablets have big screens and hence are prone to scratches, despite the fact that they have better scratch resistance than they used to. So the first thing, which comes to your mind, is a proper scratch guard, Most tablets come with capacitive touch screens, so to write effectively and in the best possible manner, you need a stylus. Similarly, there are other accessories, which have their own benefits to make a tablet a complete and better functional device.