• Gigaset A490 Cordless Phones - Black

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Gigaset A490 Cordless Phones - Black

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Gigaset A490 Cordless Phones - Black Price in India: 2,599 + 99 Shipping

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Gigaset Cordless Phones A490

Quality Telephony Throughout!

For your everyday calling, there is hardly any brand that can beat the standard and quality of Gigaset. Crammed with useful features, Gigaset Cordless Phones A490 can make you enjoy phone calls while relaxing with the help of its hands-free talking facility. Let?s check out this great calling solution here.

Enjoy Hands-Free Talking!

For many the hands-free facility of the phone is really very useful. All you have to do is to select the hands-free mode on the handset and enjoy an ultra portability thereafter. Amazing sound quality of this basic telephone will accompany your ears till the end. Hear every detail with Gigaset technology and respond accordingly.

Designed to Comfort You!

Equipped with an ergonomic keypad, it gives comfortable number dialing. Being made of high-quality materials, it is meant to last longer than your expectation. Moreover, the keypad is rightly illuminated to abet you in finding right numbers even in a low lit condition.

What?s More?

It comes out of the box with a caller-ID feature so that you do not feel any doubt while dialing a number. Most importantly, with this feature you can keep a track with the calls you have missed and received. Also, it helps to decide whether you should answer the caller or prefer not to respond at all.

Grand Battery Life!

The battery within this handset fuels its energy up to 177 hours in standby mode. You will also get talk time limit up to 12 hours.

Heart-Winning Features

Laden with pretty handy hands-free talking facility, exceptional usability and a smart look, the Gigaset A490 is meant to deliver the best service of basic telephony. Its phonebook can store contact numbers up to 80 entries. An alarm clock is also included in it along with an uncomplicated redial feature for getting last 10 numbers.

ECO DECT: Save Energy, Reduce Radiation

Gigaset Cordless Phones A490 features an energy-saving power supply using less energy than any other conventional cordless phones and simultaneously saving your money. This technology is environment friendly too. After turning on its ECO Mode, you can manually trim down the base station?s transmitting energy by up to 70%.

We Say!

If you want a basic telephone with hands-free talking advantage, then Gigaset A490 with exclusive ECO DECT feature is an ideal pick for your telephony necessities. Of course, with it you do not only save a few quid in your pocket but also can stay environment friendly throughout phoning. Other provided features of the handset are also really usable and handy enough when you compare the telephone with other cordless phones available in the market with the same price tag.

Written by: Ranita Sarkar

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Hello Naaptol team, please clarify what all items are being packed along with the cordless phone. Minimum requirement is base unit power adapter and a phone supplementary cord.

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