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Can you imagine a life without mobile phones, when everybody is used to getting connected all the time? Imagine how you feel when your battery gets drained out while you are travelling and how impatient you tend to be in such conditions. So, a good mobile charger is an indispensable part of your mobile phone that can recharge your battery anywhere.

What to look for
What every consumer is looking for while buying a charger are
  • It should be light-weight and not bulky so that you can carry it with you comfortably.
  • It should ideally cover all variety of batteries.
  • It's a boon if it is compatible to various brands.
  • Can charge a phone in low voltage.
  • Use less power
  • It should be safe for you to use, should protect you from short circuit.
  • It should necessarily be an AC charger.
  • It should give faster performance.
  • It should give longer back-up hours.

    Types of mobile chargers
    Mostly, we use branded battery chargers that come with a particular mobile phone. But, the biggest hassle that one faces is that they are compatible to only that particular brand of batteries. Recently, a variety of imported chargers have come to the market that is compatible to a number of brands. Other than the usual mobile battery chargers, which are provided with the handsets, you have an option to go for universal battery chargers that can charge almost any brand of mobile phone.

    A universal mobile charger uses a system of connectors that corresponds to different brands like Nokia, Samsung, Sony etc. they are high-performance oriented and very convenient. You also have the option of solar mobile chargers which are available with an adapter set that can charge almost all brands of cell phones. Solar mobile chargers are convenient as they are chargeable only by exposing them to sunlight. They are kind of emergency chargers that can recharge a phone outdoor. The multi use emergency chargers are light weight, convenient and some of them get charged by AAA size batteries. There are also car mobile chargers that can recharge your cell phones very efficiently while travelling. Most of the car chargers also now come with a set of connectors so that they can charge mobile phones of any brand. There are some really sleek and multi-use India-made car batteries available in various stores and also in online stores.

    The bottom line
    No matter how efficient the multi-use mobile chargers are, consumers tend to trust only those chargers which are exclusively compatible to their particular battery. If you are not on the move always or an explorer who roam around in remote places, you can invest on a branded mobile charger with absolute brand compatibility. You can rely on features like performance even in low voltage, less power consumption and durability. You should replace your old battery charger and buy a new one after certain interval.

    Finally, it's a wise idea to buy a branded product that comes with a warranty or an indigenous product, rather than buying an unbranded imported product.