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As the time pass by, the mobile phone industry is growing at a scorching pace. This mobile revolution in India has successfully shifted from luxury to necessity to addiction. While almost all of us have a handset of our choice, we do look to upgrade or buy a new one whenever the need arises. But with hundreds of phones to choose from, how do we arrive at the one that is just right for you? What are the features that the phone offers? Is it worth the price we are paying for it? Does it have a camera? Or an MP3 player? Bluetooth? Email? These are just some of the common questions that come to our mind before buying a cell phone. Picking the right phone can certainly be a daunting task. So here are some elementary things to consider before we buy a mobile phone.

Battery life
We surely do not wish to end up with exhausted battery in middle of something important. Many recent smartphones have huge screens that suck batteries dry too quickly, making them pointless for people who spend their days outdoor. So getting a decent battery feature and making sure that the phone has a good stand-by time too should be the topmost consideration. Features that affect the battery life are colour screens, GPS device, music, video and camera coverage.

A good memory card will give the comfort of clicking more pictures, grabbing more videos and storing important data. Cell phones in-built memory should be sufficient enough as we need to store the files till the time we get them transferred on to our personal computer. Many times mobiles do not have good in-built memory. But there is always an option buy a memory card varying from 128 MB to 8GB based on our requirements.

There some great connectivity features available today, and they give you easy access to web. Applications such as GPRS, Bluetooth, and Infrared are some excellent features in these phones. Options such as GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) allows you to get connected with internet. Infra Red and Bluetooth allow you to wirelessly connect with other external devices. There is also EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution). This is an enhanced version of GPRS that offers better connectivity and speeder date transfer.

We need to protect our eyes, therefore look for a mobile with thin film transistor or active matrix screen that offers a wider viewing angle. UFB (ultra fine and bright) and OLED (organic light emitting diode) are the newest in the technology. We also need to check with resolution and number of colors available before concluding.

Camera phones
It's not always necessary that more the megapixels the best picture quality we will get. Quite often, 2 mega pixels work better than 3, because of the mechanism and color-processing chips involved. So don't have to make the mistake of relying only on mega pixels and do a careful review of the camera phone we are buying.

Sound quality
We should always take sound quality of any cell phone into consideration and opt for high sound quality along with the one that can play any media files. For the people who are music buff can then check for some of the best music mobile phones that come with volume control and digital signal processing options enabled.

Multimedia features
For the people who love music or spend extra time in travelling, it is always advisable to get a phone with an MP3 and FM radio. These phones also have some great ring tones. Then there are 3G handsets that support streaming video and videoconferencing. And people who are opting for a phone with multimedia features should always go for higher resolution phones.

There are thousands of accessories available in the market now but it's not that every accessory is required by everyone. Some such accessories are memory card, headset, car kits, hands free kit etc. the combined cost of all of these might make us want to consider a more affordable handset. Also nearly all phones today require a protective shell, and we definitely want to protect our newest investment. Indeed we should plan carefully and buy only what we require.

In short, we ought to be very sure about our needs, be a smart shopper and be very practical. Money is important, so we should make sure that we do not end up buying a phone that has features which are of no use to us.