Watches- Smart time piecesBuying Guides in Watches

Wrist watches are not just a time measuring machine but a fashion and style statement too. The watch you wrap around your wrist reflects your personality, status, and power. A perfect selection is the one with ultimate satisfaction, comfort and a trend follower. But the big question is how to choose the best timepiece from the market, which is over occupied with numerous brands every month? The best answer to the above is to go through some useful tips and result in a smart shopping. Following is the most watched tips by everyone:

Purpose This is the is the main route while making a purchase for wrist watch. Depending for whom to buy , and when to wear you can select from the following:

1. Casual wear: A watch with simple gold and silver plating or an elegant or sober dial with leather strap would be an ideal choice.

2. Parties: Your wrist can hold lots of attraction in special function if you go for gold plated with some crystals on it

3. Sports: If you have a flair for outdoor activities like diving, swimming, etc, then a sports watch with features like stopwatch, temperature and pressure sensors, depth meter and many more would be a smart choice.

4. Kids: A digital one with some cartoons would serve them better.

5. Women: There are variety of watches like the one with bracelet, diamond embedded dials and belts, straps in multiple colors to choose depending on the individual personality.

6. Style statement: If you are the one who like to go with fashion then you can switch on to variety of designer watches , which would add great glory and turn your wrist a centre of attraction.

Budget This is the backbone of your watch. If you are low on your pocket then you can go for some unbranded watches, which do offer great designs and patterns and yet accurate. But if money is not a barrier then you can go for variety of branded and designer watches which stand apart for their style, quality and accuracy

Features Today watches are bought far beyond then just for measuring time. Depending on your personal need you can look for additional features like alarm clock, date, timer, or GPS system for navigation. Since watches are not seasonal based, do go always for waterproof and scratch resistant ones for better durability.

Battery If you don't want to make hole in your wallet very often then, do know the kind of battery used and its life always.

Fit A watch becomes worth and beautiful after it gets fitted exactly on the users wrist. So it is always better to try various watches on your wrist before closing the deal on one. Moreover do check for the material used, to avoid any irritation while wearing for long hours.

After sale service Since watch is the regular wear commodity, you should always go for the one with some warranty.

At last, since watches are bought for different purposes, different users and also as gifts, there are no standard guides to be taken care, except it should be a true value for money and pleasing.