Kitchen Utensils- Utility with a purposeBuying Guides in Kitchenware

Kitchen utensils are a very important part of your establishment cost when you start a new home. If chosen right they provide class and convenience to your kitchen. Today's kitchens are space savvy, compact and are equipped with all modern appliances to make cooking a faster and smarter process rather than the big mess it used to be at one point of time. Kitchen utensils are indispensible part of a good kitchen and represent the taste and aesthetic sense of the person who uses them every day. So, before indulging in any kind of investment you must do a proper research and planning to get the best deal and the best products that fulfill your requirements.

Types of kitchen utensils
Types of kitchen utensils vary from country to country according to the dining culture of people. Some of them are used daily while some are used only occasionally. Still, we can find some basic types those are popular and common. kitchen appliances consist of cooking range for e.g. cookware, cook and serve utensils, pots, kettles, dough and roti maker, spoon sets, ladles, different types of glass sets and mugs etc; microwave safe plastic-ware; utility items like knives, bottle and can openers, different types of cutters, beater, hand mixer, choppers, peelers and graters and barware like wine glasses, whisky sets, blenders etc.

Before we buy kitchen utensils
Cookware plays the most important part of kitchen utensils. There are a number of metals used for cookware, like iron, steel, aluminum, plastic, copper etc.

Lets first have a look at the various factors that we need to consider before buying cookware.

  • The quality of the cookware is the most important as they are durable, safe for health and cooks food properly. A cookware should be high or medium weight. Light weight cookware is not durable.

  • You should consider the frequency of use. Daily use cookware should be easy to clean, made of sturdy materials and must have lids for fuel saving and fast cooking with less oil.

  • The size of your cookware should be according to the number of people for whom you cook. A big size pan for two or three people consumes more time and fuel.

  • You should choose your cookware according to the type of food you cook. A deep, heavy bottom iron or aluminum is suitable for deep fry, curry and gravy; non-stick pans are good for stir-fry and vegetables as they consume less oil and keep the color of food intact.

  • People have been using Iron cookware for years. They are durable and safe. Nowadays they are available with steel, Teflon or copper coat for convenience and sleek looks.

  • Aluminum is also good as it cooks food faster. Aluminum vessels are available with steel coats for easy cleaning. Copper is a good metal for cookware, but they are tough for cleaning and need maintenance.

  • Whole steel cookware becomes very hot and sometimes results in scorched food.

  • Non-stick cookware is very convenient as it doesn't burn food, consumes less oil and cooks faster.

  • Microwave- proof plastics are meant for two purposes- cooking and reheating. Cookware should be made of very good quality food-grade plastic to avoid health hazards.

    Show your creativity
    Dining is not just a necessity any more. It's an art that shows your creativity and it is also a luxury for some people. Serving sets should be in proper co-ordination along-with the cutlery-set for the sake of creativity on your dining table. Choose your dinner sets carefully. Steel and melamine dinner sets are convenient for daily use. You can invest on a luxury dinner set for special occasions.

    Glass sets should be custom made according to the drink you serve. Lemon sets, sundae glasses, wine glasses, whisky sets are all different in shape and size. Choose according to the purpose.

    Be a smart buyer
    While buying other utility items like cutters, peelers, graters don't get lured by the number of functions and attachments that come along with them. Most of the attachments lie unused in your drawer. So, choose a product that has sharp blades, not very light weight and has a strong built. Knives should be bought according to their function. You have a large variety of knives for cutting different items. So, buy according to your needs and choose a good brand for durability.

    Buy good quality wooden spatulas for your non-stick cookware so that they don't break and leave broken segments in your vegetables.

    There are a large variety of kitchen utensils available in the market and online stores. Look for the above mentioned features considering your necessity. A product is valuable if it is subjected to good use. If you are more into durability and use rather than style, then buy standard products that you need. You also have the option to choose them as a piece of art, if you like to call people for dinner and feel proud showing your culinary skills and creativity in the way you treat them.