Water Filters and Purifiers-Healthy and germ free drinking waterBuying Guides in Water Filters and Purifiers

Water pollution is a major problem and most of the newspapers are filled condemning the irregularity in water supply and quality of water. Though it is a basic necessity and the fundamental right of every citizen to get pure water but the increasing industrialization and contamination of water with the discharge of chemical and biological waste in the water bodies, we cannot hope to get fully pure and safe water. So our safety is in our hands. You are definitely on the right track to find a water purifier that saves you from the water diseases.

Tap water is supplied through water sources and many a times without adequate treatment. The broken water supply pipes also contribute a lot in making the water unsafe to drink without purifying. This may contain bacteria, viruses and other tiny wastes in to your water causing water borne diseases. Boiling is the oldest method of purifying water but you probably do not have the time and energy to waste on boiling all the water that is been used. So modem water purifiers offer you convenient way of purifying water in mechanized manner and reliable facility.

So you can easily bring a water purifier to your home to ensure the health of your family. But if you are confused which one to buy go through following piece of information in order to be sure of your purchase. Halogens -Iodine & Chlorine or bottle purifiers, it depends upon you, but let's first go through each one to fully understand the basic difference between them.

Halogen Water Purifiers

Halogen water purifiers can be divided in to iodine and Chlorine purifiers. These halogens basically come in tablets or liquid forms. They are easy to carry and use. You just have to pour it in to water and they will clean up your water. Municipal Corporation uses this method with the big size water tanks that supply water in your homes. Chlorine and iodine are though chemical and are considered to be is a strong oxidant that kills the micro organism in the water speedily. But you have to be very conscious before using them because they are toxic and have to be used only in the specified amount for a particular volume of water. They are economic solution for purifying water.

Water Filters and Bottle Purifiers

These are heavy and bulky water purifying units and are mechanized way of water purification. They are also expensive as compared to simple chlorine and iodine methods but they give you a permanent solution for water purification. Their replacement is not easy as they require a considerable investment. They can give you an extended supply of pure water for continuous level.

There are many considerations while buying bottle water purifier. Let's look at them briefly.

Filter Medium

This is a part of the water purifier where the process of purification happens and filter microorganisms, silt, clay, sand particles and other suspended sediments. This is also made in varying materials which can substantially affects the purifying quality and speed.

  • Structured matrix - It's a complex structure somewhat like a honeycombed body that acts as a thorough filter and effectively filters the water.
  • Iodine resin -iodine is added in water purifiers in crystal form or a chemical layer that kills most of the pathogens into the purifier's filtering medium.
  • Ceramic - ceramic filters are very effective purifiers that filter 5,000 to 50,000 liters water per cartridge and are easy to clean. This filter medium is ideal to carry and kills pathogens as micro as 0.2-0.3 micrometer. But these filters require careful handling as they are very delicate and fragile.
  • Ceramic with a carbon core - An added layer on the ceramic filter makes it a more effective and efficient filter to filter water for partials smaller than 0.2 micrometers.
  • Fiberglass- These are as effective as ceramic filters but they may not be trusted to last for long.

    So before going further you should think about water purifiers as they are just not a home appliance rather a guard to your health. So wisely choose the right water filter for your family. If safety issues are your topmost concern then you should certainly go for the most efficient purifier. This one time investment would save you from the long bills of medicines.

    Let's look at some features of water purifiers which may decide your choice.

    Storage capacity:

    If yours is a joint family or you want to deploy it in to your office then your better find for a more storage capacity purifier. There are water purifiers with large containers to store water which can be used whenever required.

    Direct Flow Water purifiers:
    These water purifiers supply water on continuous basis and this type of water purifier is very common at households. The tap of water is directly connected to the water purifier for continuous supply of water.

    Flow Rate of Water

    Every water purifier will have its own highest capacity of water flow which if exceeded will fail to purify water efficiently allowing bacteria to pass through filters. Sp per minute volume of water that is been purified should match your requirement of water.


    Without saying the water purifier should be light weight and portable. Design matter to the extent that it should match the interior of the house or kitchen. So an attractive and durable water purifier Is what you should look for. There are water purifiers available in different metals.

  • Steel
    Steel ensures total safety, hygiene and durability, for complete peace of mind.

  • Aluminum
    Aluminum is a comparatively soft metal and it reacts with chemicals like salt and minerals present in the water and ultimately produce aluminum oxides which are injurious to health.

    Let's look at some new and modern purifiers that are very popular.

    Non-Electric water purifiers

    These water purifiers do not use electricity to clean up your drinking water. They can again be divided in two following types.

  • Direct / Online:

    These water purifiers are made of plastics and are directly fixed to the mouth of water tap. they are in shape of filter candle that consists a resin filter and require a monthly replacement.

  • Indirect or offline Storage Purifier

    They basically are independent water purifying units that have sediment and activated carbon filters. They are very useful for the places where water shortage is a common phenomenon.

    Electric Water Purifiers

    These are water purifiers that are connected to the water supply and run on electricity. They also use sediment filters and activates water filters with either UV or RO water purification system. So let's see them separately to distinguish.

  • UV system

    UV purification system is efficient in removing disease bearing microorganism. It first removes impurities through the filter and then treat the water with UV rays from UV lamp fixes inside the filter for a particular intensity and time.

  • RO system

    This is very popular purifier which eliminates microorganism like bacteria, viruses, mineral and salts through semi permeable membrane. So the water goes through this membrane with pressure as the level of water purification increases, requiring more electricity to be used.

    This is probably plenty of information to asset you while your purchase. There are new products and technology that every day mounts the chart of market so you should look for the basic as well as the additional features considering your budget and requirements.