Vacuum Cleaner- Fast, easy and hygenic cleaningBuying Guides in Vacuum Cleaners

Modern age designs and choices of colors may pose confusion in selecting the right vacuum cleaner for your office or home. The leading companies have been trying innovative ideas and are coming up with new advancements to make cleaning less painful and more of a fun. There are some automatic cleaners, with direct drive motors, which have many adjustable accessories to reduce back strain and convenient functions for nasty dust bugs that, which were difficult to change and cause allergic problems. New Technological development has produced very powerful vacuum cleaners and some are completely robotic-with so many auto functions.

Which Kind of Vacuum Cleaner?

Though there are many types of vacuum cleaners which may have been designed specifically for certain cleaning requirements but basically there are two kinds of vacuum cleaners which are popular, Upright and Canister vacuum cleaners. Carpets require more of your attention and critical cleaning, upright models are said to be an expert of this type of cleaning but for the places which are hard to reach, you may prefer a canister or a central vacuum cleaner. Upright vacuum cleaners are for a powerful cleaning, that has the perfect cleaning abilities to work well on carpets and bare floors, while Canister vacuum cleaners are meant to clean under sofa and bed and hidden places under furniture.

Upright vacuum cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are a composite unit which includes a motor, bag, hose, and beater. They are easy to move around the large area around the furniture with the help of the wheeled carriages on upright vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners are typically the expert of carpeting cleaning as they have adjustable settings for different heights carpets and floors.

Hose and wand attachments make it easy to reach places on height but upright vacuum cleaners cannot easily navigate in small space and it is painful to lift them on stairs. The rotating brush cleans the carpet perfectly but the range of attachments gives limitless facilities to clean other difficult places. Upright vacuums cleaners are not difficult to store because they stand up and make it easier to retrieve for use.

Canister vacuum cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners are a composition of a long hose and canister containing a motor and bag, which make it easy to handle and carry, eventually turning out to be the fittest for hardwood floors cleaning, vertical surfaces and curtains cleaning.

Canister vacuum cleaners have got excellent suction ability for hard floors. They are portable in comparison to the Upright vacuum cleaners and some include beater attachments. Canister vacuums cleaners make it very easy to clean places which are otherwise difficult to reach. Without moving the furniture you can easily clean the cushions and curtains or book shelves.

  • Bagged or Bag-less?

    Bag-less vacuum cleaners may be handy and comfortable but cleaning the dust compartments is a cumbersome process and they are a bit expensive than the bagged cleaners. But the initial extra outlay may save you from the rushing to the store to find the other bag. Bagged cleaners are usually cheaper than bag-less models, but you need to change bags again and again and there is added expense of buying new bags. But because the bag-less cleaners still have a long way to find out a more easy way to clean them and stop the dust from dispersing again in the environment.

  • The Design and Power

    However a higher wattage motor is always said to be more powerful, but the design also plays an important role especially in Canister vacuum cleaners as the dust has to travel the way from the tube. The design specification such as airflow and tube size helps improve the suction power of the machine. In case of an upright vacuum cleaner the design of the brush makes all the difference.

  • Attachments and Accessories

    New space age vacuum cleaners come with different types of cleaning options and different types of attachment. Most of the vacuum cleaners come with three basic attachments: crevice tool, upholstery and dusting brushes. Other additional accessories like turbo-brush for cut-pile carpets, a horsehair or parquet brush for wooden floors and extendable tube for heightened curtains, shelves.