Electric Fans- No more sweat in summerBuying Guides in Electric Fans

Electric Fans are practically a more economic way to keep your room cool. Other than serving the basic function of keeping room cool, there are different specific uses of these fans to suit your requirements. Its true that fans circulate the air in the atmosphere to keep the air in motion and maintain the temperature of the room by allowing fresh breeze to replace the existing hot air. Fans thus reduce humidity levels in the environment to provide you fresh air and keep the ventilation working well. Fans are economic way to keep cool air flowing continuously while keeping your air conditioner bill down.

Fans can be used for different purposed that is why there is a long list of the types of the fans with different scores of styles, configurations, sizes to fit your particular size of room, in a whole range of durable materials, and different price brackets to suite every pocket. While you can nowadays get a wide range of decorative fans to complete your décor matching the interior of the room, fans will always be popular for the basic function they serve. Fans have evolved to a great extent since they first took the market by storm.

Lets go through a little information on the types of fans so as to understand which kind suits your requirements.

Windows Fans-
These are box shaped fans to fit in to windows to inhale the outer air and exhale in the room.

Oscillating Fans-
Oscillating fans are a moving unit on a stand. They can turn to 90 degree from one side to another and vice versa on their axis to keep air moving.

Box Fans-
Box fans give you a powerful breeze through its big scales. So considering its size you should plan well to place it in the room.

These are small fans to fit or adjust in to small space. They are basically small units to provide you breeze directly to you by hooking up to the nearby desk or table.

Ceiling fans-
These are our general purpose fans which stick to the roof and provide air to a larger area or room. Their big blades cover a large area and are mostly used in place of an AC.

Tower Fans-
These are modern fans which are very efficient and useful as they keep the room cool and also filter dust or other environmental particles. Its vertical design makes it very compact to fit in to narrow spaces too.

Now when you know the kinds of fans, you probably have a better view of the kind of fan you require. But the most popular form is a Ceiling Fan. Most Ceiling fans are mounted on the ceiling. The practical and economic use is the reason behind its popularity. It really reduces the AC bill to a great extent and once fixed on the ceiling they hardly require maintenance.

Energy Star Qualification

Constant research has made fans really efficient over the period of time. Like any other electric product, these fans also come with the energy efficiency rating. The higher the better. So go for an efficient electric fan to minimize on your electricity bills and maximize on performance.


All the leading companies have their line of highly advanced models that are built of durable materials. Ranging from fire proof, shock proof and double-shielded bearings and self-contained oil reservoirs these electric fans imbibe so many advanced features. Electric fans are even made of materials which are light in weight but are equally efficient and performance oriented.

Functionality and Installation

Modern fans are designed to give you ease of operation. Some of them are even accompanied by remote controls to make your fan dance on your directions like your TV. For the installation of should choose an appropriate height, it should not be too low or too high to ensure its full utilization.


Style too has reached a new level of innovation along with the advancement of technology. So you can choose the fan from a wide variety of colors, size, material used and many other features.

Additionally there are other considerations like brand, controls and timer, which may be worked on to make the right buying decision.