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An Indian woman believes in purity and most of them like homemade spices. Nowday's mixers are playing the role of masala chakki. As we know very well the different types of Product nameMixer and juicer which can perform different functions like dry grinding, chutney grinding, whipping, blending, mincing, grating, juicing, folding, beating and , mixing food ingredients. So mixer & juicer is a good option for squeezing the preparation time for cooking and hence making the whole process faster and smarter. Whether you purchase a mixer & Juicer or an extensive food processor depends on a variety of factors. A mixer & Juicer come as either single function or multifunction machines, providing a number of attachments and blades to perform different types of functions.

Types & Functions of Mixer & juicer
There are different types of Mixer & juicers available in the market and online stores, so that you can choose one according to your needs and wishes.

Multifunction Mixers: Apart from running a mixing food, a mixer can perform many other tasks depending on your requirements, and frequency of their uses. You can change the stand, food processor, and blender as per your need. Different types of blades and pots are available for different functions. You can use different blades and pots for chutney and meat mincing. Two types of switches are available in a mixer- rotary and piano. Rotary switches are dial modes meant for fixing speed at a time, you can set the speed according to the intensity you require for a particular food or spice mix. it is a common feature in most of the mixers. As for the Piano type switches, it is an exclusive style push button. Push button facility is also available for maintaining speed.

Most juicers work fine for a variety of fruits and vegetables. Some as Citrus Juicers and juice Extractors, There are usually 4 different categories of juicers-

Centrifugal: This is the most common type of juicer. These types of juicers grate fruits and vegetables into very small pieces and then strain the mix through a very fine mesh screen.

Wheatgrass Juicers: It is made exclusively for extracting the juice from wheatgrass, as well as a number of soft fruits like grapes etc.

Single Gear Juicers: Single gear masticating juicers have an auger gear that chews the fruit and vegetable fibers to release the juice.

Twin Gear: Twin gear juicers operate by pressing food between two interlocking roller gears. This process yields a larger volume of juice. The high pressure squeezing force of the twin gears breaks open tough cell walls and releases more enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals.

Other things to consider when finding for a mixer & Juicer

Power, which is measured in watts. The speed and performance of a Mixer & Juicer totally depends on this feature.

Accessories & Attachments
Very different types of attachments come along with a mixer & juicer, such as bowls, Pulp Container, Food Pusher, jars etc. Different types of Blades like slicer, egg Beater and citrus Juicer are available for your convenience. You should consider the frequency and purpose of your use before you get lured by these attachments. If you use your mixer only for beating and making spices, you can buy a standard one with basic functions. All other attachments will be lying in your drawer otherwise.

Mixer & Juicers are availed by various brand in the Indian market, such as- Philips, Black & Decker, Maharaja Whiteline, Jaipan, Kanchan, Morphy Richards, Inalsa, Anjali and much more.

Things to remember before you buy
If you buy carefully you will find the mixer & juicer that is easiest to use and maintain. Here are some tips for choosing the mixer & juicer according to your needs. No matter what you are looking for but-
  • Look for your requirement, frequency and purpose of your uses and the type of machine that you require.
  • Even the capacity and wattage also holds importance while buying the machine.
  • The period of warranty that you are getting with the machine.
  • Number of attachments for various functions that you are getting with the machine.
  • Easy to operate and clean.
  • Low space management machine.

    This is a machine which you are going to use frequently or almost daily with your various requirements, therefore it has to be selected with good planning and selection. It must be able to perform different functions according to your need in your kitchen helping you to complete your work faster and in a convenient manner. So choose carefully and be a satisfied customer.