Coffee Makers- Any time hot and refreshing coffeeBuying Guides in Coffee Makers and Kettles

Coffee is the third most liked drink after water and tea. With the increasing numbers of the coffee aficionados, coffee making machines are also gaining fame. Whether you want to install it in your home for the early morning bed coffee or in the office for late night working hours, a convenient coffee machine helps you to get instant coffee whenever you want that too at an economical cost. Though in India tea is the most popular beverage but coffee has its own flavor and tastes that is irresistible for its admirers. A coffee machine is certainly a very useful appliance for such people and if you are one of them, then this buying guide would certainly be helpful for you.

There are incredible choices with a galore of features present in the market to choose one from. Some of them are meant to prepare only one kind of coffee and there are other versatile coffee makers which give you umpteen options of coffee.

Let us first understand two types of popular coffees.

  • Coffee: Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted beans of coffee produced by coffee plants which gives an stimulating and energizing effect to human beings because of the "caffeine" in it. There are various brewing processes to name a few boiling, gravity, steeping and pressure to prepare a drinkable cup of coffee, a beverage containing little or no coffee bean particles.

  • Espresso: Espresso is a form of coffee which is strong black, brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through finely roasted or ground coffee beans. The process of making an Espresso is when a restricted amount of hot but not boiling water is forced through fine ground coffee and the water extracts proteins sugars and oils into a delicious couple of ounces of thick caramel colored liquid which is served straight (in a demitasse cup).

    The type of coffee machine basically depends on the particular type of coffee it prepares. So let's go through some basic classification of different types of coffee machines to understand which one suits your requirements.

    Percolators: This is an old fashioned pot style coffee maker uses the pressure of the boiling water to force it into a chamber above the grounds, on a high temperature. They have a small metal basket inside as the top layer where the ground coffee is placed and the required water is poured in the pot which drips over the coffee through a vertical tube after the percolator is placed on a heat source. This process is repeated until the whole water passes through the coffee grounds. You can choose between an electric percolators and stove-top percolators. This has the easiest procedure to make coffee.

    French Press: A French Press is a see through container that allows coffee and water to steep together using a total immersion technology and a press filters the grounds from the coffee to make a ready to serve coffee in5 to 7 minutes. This is a perfect quick way to make a cup or two of rich, heavy, and tasteful coffee. This is a portable and fast coffee making machine.

    Pressure-brew coffee maker: This is brewed some like Espresso using Hot water with high pressure to pass through the ground beans and dispensed into your cup. These coffee makers typically have digital settings, a water reservoir at the bottom where it is heated, creating steam that forces the hot water to travel up tubes to the filter basket found at the top of the carafe and a removable used-grounds reservoir at the top for the required supply of ground beans. The Grind-and-brew coffee makers give you the choice to decide the bean type and ground size.

    Drip coffee makers: Drip brewing involves pouring evenly distributed hot water over orated ground beans to produce intense flavor. This is the most popular and quick and fast coffee maker. Some come with a bean grinder and some require pre grinded beans. There is generally a paper or wire grid filter that filters the coffee from the pot which is made up of a glass, metal or heat resistant plastic. Some even come with a programmed function that lets you make coffee at a specific time. So you can get a prepared refreshing cup of coffee every morning without even leaving your bad.

    Pod-based coffee maker: pod-style coffee machine makes individual cups of coffee using pre-made packets of ground coffee by employing pressure to pass hot water through the pod of packed ground coffee. They contain a water reservoir that can be used to make more than one cups of coffee but one by one while the Pods of ground coffee can be purchased separately.

    Espresso machines: espresso coffee is made using finely grinded coffee. It extracts more substances from the beans. Espresso machines require hot water to press through the densely snuffed out coffee grounds in the port filter. So this machine particularly uses heat and pressurizes the water to make Espresso. The espresso is capable to supply one or two shots of coffee which is intense in flavor and is of high concentration of caffeine which is further mixed with milk, water or flavored syrups to create other forms of coffees such as lattes, cappuccino, macchiato and mochas. There are umpteen choices in Espresso machines also.

    Manual espresso machines: This requires extensive skills to make pure Espresso for the particular coffee lovers.

    Semiautomatic espresso machines: This is comparatively easier to operate but still requires you skills to adjust temperature, brewing pressure, and tamp.

    Automatic espresso machines: Fully automatic way to make to brew up Espresso with fully automatic button functions.

    Super-automatic espresso machines: These are superfast coffee making machine which give you quick dose of caffeine.

    Features to look For:

    There are some significant features which make it even easier to make a cup of irresistible coffee. Glass carafes - A glass carafes allows you to see through in an electric coffee maker to see the progress of the coffee making machine. The glass is considered as a heat preserver so it keeps that coffee hot for longer time.

    Thermal carafes - These are stainless steel thermos bottles that keeps java hot for a long time without burning the coffee.

    Dual brewing - Dual brewing station are revolutionary double-pot system that allows you to make two pots of coffee at the same time instantly in totally different blends.

    Coffee pot size - The size of the coffee pot matters when you plan to prepare coffee for many cups.

    Built-in grinder - Built in coffee grinder makes it easy to grind coffee beans according to your preference instantly in varied fineness. Now you would not need to grind coffee beans beforehand.