Water Dispenser- Easy to drink water at desired temperatureBuying Guides in Water Dispensers

A Water dispenser has been an iconic means to have cool water at offices but its usefulness has spread it to households too. Now it's a common electronic and convenient way to get cool and pure water.

We should first understand briefly what exactly a water dispenser is-A water dispenser is an electronic machine that dispenses water on varying temperatures mainly cold, hot or room temperature water. Practically it can be divided in to two categories-bottle-less water dispensers and bottled water dispensers. Bottled water dispensers are typically free standing units which take large water bottles (3 or 5 gallon bottles) placed bottle neck down into the cooler and then dispense water from it. Bottle-less water dispensers are directly plumbed into a water supply line and dispense water with a continuous limited filtration. When it comes to convenience, bottled water dispensers are preferred since they do not need t be plumed in t the water supply line and are moveable units.

Water dispensers are available in different colors and vary in sizes which include counter-top models or the free-standing floor models used in offices, job sites and homes throughout the world. Most of the models in the market present options to dispense hot and cold water. These dispensers require plugged into the electric wall outlets through an electrical source.

Lets Look at the few drawbacks of both the types of water dispenser:

Bottled Water Dispenser

  • Bottled water dispensers require a continuous supply of replacement bottles, which are purchased from water supply companies and are expensive affair.

  • Replacement bottles both empty and full require storage space, which is problematic for the offices and apartment dwellers with limited storage space.

  • The full bottles are very heavy to change. So you may require hands of help while changing them. There are also concerns on the quality of the bottles water.

    Bottle-less Water Dispenser.

  • Bottle-less Water Dispenser require a continuous supply of fresh water which may be a problem at the places where the water source is far situated or at construction sites or for temporary work sites.

  • The static water lines are typically viewed as breeding grounds for bacteria and may be contagious because of shared use of water.

  • The bottle-less water dispenser are also not mobile because they are attached to the plumbing. So people from far work areas in the office have to travel to access water.

    How to choose the right type and size to shop?

  • When you plan to purchase the water dispenser first look if you have the access to a continuous water supply of the fresh water then only keep the option of the bottle-less water dispenser.

  • When you choose to buy a bottled water dispenser, look for the local water supply of bottles. Better to select a vendor which also guarantees the purity of water. Along with it a time to time testing of the water can also be availed.

  • When it comes to styling, you may have plenty of choices to get the perfect water dispenser that perfectly match the interior or furniture of your home and office. There are many choices of colors and designs to suit your requirements. Convenience should be the key for choosing the right water dispenser.

  • Chose the right size of dispenser and also see the details of the capacity of the water dispenser. If you are buying it to cater the needs of a large workplace then be satisfied that it has enough capacity.

  • A feature like child locks prevents accidental burning and ensures child safety from unaware pushing of the hot water tap. Spill free system punctuates an interlock in the water bottle cover that prevents the unwanted water spilling on the floor while changing the water bottle.

  • Finally look for the manufacturer's warranty when you purchase the water dispenser. Some companies even provide extended warranty up to 5 years with minimal or no charges.