Microwave Oven- Healthy and smart cookingBuying Guides in Microwaves & Grills

Gone are the days when Microwave Ovens were considered an innovative luxury of the rich but now microwave ovens have become an essential home appliance in most of the modern kitchens. Microwaves are safe, quick and easy to operate and probably the most convenient way of cooking food in less time. They have enormously become popular in small span of time. They have really contributed a lot in the betterment for the lives of housewives.

Despite being so useful, the common man still hesitate to buy a microwave as he considers it to be a big investment for the occasional use or just a means of heating the leftover meal and refrigerator items. And those who buy it do not spend much time on the research of this very useful kitchen assistant. So rather than settling for the least expressive model, take time to research and get the best deal out of your valuable money.

We have evolved and developed a great deal in order to understand the importance and utility of it, as a full time cooking medium. Microwave ovens versatility in brief words can be described as below:

  • Brown, roast and grill foods items like a standard roasting appliance.
  • Pre-programmed touch keypad can help you automatically prepare specified recipes.
  • Cook delicious meals without over-heating and making your dirty and filthy.
  • Shut-off and on automatically on the timer.

    Let's look at the basic classification microwave ovens so better understand their use and utilize on the maximum. Microwaves are simply decided in to three dimple models to ease the understanding of their working-the basic microwave, Microwave with grills and the third microwave with grill and convection. The choice would majorly depend upon your usage requirements.
    Let's look at the difference and usage specification of all the types of microwave.

    Basic Microwave- This is used for the basic requirements of heating fridge item, food items, snacks and leftovers. So they fit best for the occasional usage. They can come easily in the price band of 3000-12000 Rs.

    Microwave with Grills- This is ideal for the people who want to try their hand on grilled items like grilled chicken, sandwiches etc. They comfortably fit the price bracket of 4500-3200 Rs.

    Microwave with Grills and Convection- for the creative cooking like baking cake and frilling chicken this is an expert assistant. This can fit your kitchen in a price bracket of 8000-34000 Rs.

    Now a new generation of microwave is a smart kitchen appliance that combines versatility and technology to save you a lot of cooking time which you can otherwise enjoy watching TV or feeding your creative skills on the canvass. Lets look at some factors you certainly should consider before buying a microwave oven are:

    Capacity: Capacity of a microwave oven is the size and ability that can cook the maximum food at a time. This particularly depends upon your requirements. How many family members are there in your family will specifically help you to identify this requirement. So the larger the family, the greater the capacity of the microwave oven should be.

    Program Controls:

    Controls will enable you to operate your microwave smoothly so a Program panel is your control point which is to control the functions of your microwave oven. You can find varying control panels from the most easy to the most sophisticated. Following are some of the main control panels to help you choose your type:

  • Mechanical controls

    These ones are the most easy and rough control panels which give you the easy to operate functionality.

  • Feather Touch Controls

    These are more sophisticated control for precise and accurate controls. They require your much attention to be handles with care.

  • Single touch rotary panel

    This is somewhat similar to the mechanical controls but is more easy, smooth and precise to control temperature and timing.

  • Electronic panel

    Automatically sets the cooking and temperature level by the microprocessor.

  • Tactile control

    These are specially designed for the people who have vision impairment to guide them through marking. This can actually make feel where the dial is in its rotation sequence.

  • Wattage

    Wattage is the power the microwave uses, and most of the microwaves use power between 600-1200 watts. Higher the wattage, faster it cooks food. Different size microwaves depending on their type uses varying powers.

    Other features:

    Child lock-
    An electronic lock is a safety feature that prevents misuse or accidental use of the microwave oven by children. Child safety lock require you to set a code for the microwave to be unlock and operational. This electronic command feature is worth the investment if you have small kids at home.

    You should carefully check that the cookware you intend to use mostly for cooking fits in to the microwave.

    Steam cooking-
    Steam cooking the healthiest way of cooking as it does not require you to use oil even for greasing the bowl. You can cook completely non-fat food, though this is very latest and is available in few features.

    Interactive Displays-
    There are some user friendly features that enhance the usability and functionality to help you out cook food the fastest and crispier. Digital displays give you interactive scrolling menus to guide through cooking process.