Bean Bags- Comfortable and realxing sitting experience Buying Guides in Bean Bags

If you ask me what is my favorite time pass...It is undoubtedly playing "Demon Attack" sitting on my cherry color bean bag. And may be the same would be answer of most of the young boys and teenagers with varying video game names. Bean bags are very popular in children, teenagers and even in adults because of their rejuvenation ability and the style and comfort they provide. They really inspire and stimulate vigor and uplift the mood. When you get back home after a tiring day at office, there is nothing enjoyable other than having a tea or watching an India vs. Pakistan match sitting on your bean bag. They are really fun and relaxing that you will forget all your worries and problem as soon as you sit on them.

What are Bean Bags?

Bean Bags are basically a form of furniture wherein they are used as chairs, so they are generally called bean bags chairs. They are a popular single furniture which can easily be placed anywhere in the home. A Bean Bag is a sealed bag or sack which is made of fabric and filled with small chunks of PVC pallets or styrofoam or polyurethane foam. But they have revolutionarily evolved in different designs to attract you. So now they are not just a bean bag but a designer comfortable chair which is complementing not just your furniture but also your mood.

Types of Bean Bags:

As we have just talked about the designing advancements in bean bags, they have been divided on the basis of shapes and conceptualization. These can funky or classy, vary in materials and shapes and colors.

Bean Bag -This is the classic design which evolved initially, so they are the basic bean bags to just lay on them lazily.

Teardrop bean Bag- This is another shape wherein the bean bag appears to be a tear drop having a large base and narrowed tip.

Bean Chair - They ideally take a shape of a chair with a bit more back support.

Bean Cube - A cube shapes bean bag, only the shape differs from the basic bean bag. sit on them or rest you feet on them

Scrunchie Bean Bag -They are mostly made of leather, filled with PVC polystyrene, large bean bags to relax to the max while watching TV. Easy to clean and durable.

Lounger Bean Bag- They are the extra large oversize bean begs so that you teen can sit with his friends on it or a small family of two or three can together chill out TV sitting on it.

Pouffe Bean Bag - These are super soft cloud shaped bean bags as they are made of soft fabrics like finest and luxurious sheepskin or velvet. They are dyed in unimaginable colors.

Bean bags are available in number of sizes and shapes so they are as useful for adults as they are for children and teenagers. Some of them are so stylish and tempting that you just can't ignore them. They will complement your home décor and also create youthfulness in the environment.

If you intend to buy a foam filled bean bag then the foam used in the bean furniture may be checked on three parameters that will give a fair idea about the quality, durability and comfort of the bean bag furniture.

1. Density (Quality): The rule of thumb is look for high density foam because a higher density is an indicator of a high quality. It would not tear out in small span of time maintain shape for long time. For your convenience we can say it is measured in decimal digits like 1.8 to 3.2 foam.

2. Indentation load deflection (firmness): This shows the firmness of the foam. A foam of ILD 6 is very loose but an ILD of 45 is as firm as a bedding mattress which is quite firm. So it depends upon your choice of comfort.

3. Resiliency (lifespan): Resiliency is the indication of the lifespan of the foam. High resiliency is required for durability and useful long lasting comfort. Generally in bean bags crushed polyurethane foam is used to give you soft and comfortable experience.

General Tips worth attracting your attention while purchasing the bean bag:

  • You should select the right size of bean bag keeping in mind the intended user of it. Buying an adult size bean bag for you sweetheart 8 years old thinking that you can also sit on it would be a little unfair.
  • Carefully check that the bean bag does not have any opening mouth splitting beads or beans on the floor. The stitching should be fine and the fabric should not be spilling fibers on your woolen clothes.
  • There are bean bags with double layered fabrics making them more durable.
  • The zipper is also been attached with the lining in some bean bags to give you the opportunity to replace the inside beans if they lose their comfort. A safety patch or zipper locks covering the zipper would keep the curious toddler from accidently accessing the beans inside the bag chair.
  • Bean Bag Chairs with removable and washable covers keeps you free from the tension of cleaning the bean bags.
  • The bean bag should be light weight and moveable.