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Friendship Day Gift Ideas

Friends do share everything but it is better to lose your misery and gift your friend something special this friendship day. There are umpteen gifting options available and it's always tricky to choose the right one for your friend. You obviously know your friend very well and know his choices but it is often difficult to narrow down on one gift that would say it all.
A friendship day falls on the first Sunday of August and this year it is on third of August. Sundays are logical as most people have a leave and you can catch-up on your old buddies. This makes it easy for you to meet-up your friends, recollect old memories and just have a good time.
A saying goes 'It takes a lifetime to give back what your friend gave to you' and the celebration of friendship day is the time you thank your friend in a special manner to return somewhat that they gave you. There are many unique ways to gift your friend and have listed out some innovative ones to help you narrow your search.
It is important to know your friend's choice and the things he/she desires. If you know what they have longed for and if you can give that there would be nothing more suitable.

If you are confused as to what to give then we will ensure that you don't goof-up.

Some unique gift ideas for your friend
  • If your friend has been caught up in work and hasn't had a break since a long time its time you get him/her geared up for a small outing/trekking. This will enable her/him to get out of the routine and relish nature for a day.
  • If your friend likes music then you can gift an iPod, his/her favourite genre music CDs, music instruments or can record his/her favourite song in your voice and can add a personalized message with it.
  • If your friend is a foodie then you can gift his/her favourite restaurant meal vouchers or just take him out for a dinner at a place you used to frequent.
  • Getting ticket vouchers for a movie buff friend of yours is an ideal gift to keep him satiated for a long time.
  • You can also arrange for cricket match tickets for your friend in case a match is nearing upon at the same time.
  • If you are really low on budget and have excess time to give then a personalized card with your own thoughts in it would make an ideal gift. It is ultimately your feelings that would matter and not the cost of the gift.
  • Getting your friend's favourite author's books would do wonders and would be an ideal gift.
  • You can always go for watches, pens, diaries, perfumes, flowers, photo albums, chocolates, wallets, purses, key-chains and much more. You can get a detailed list of it HERE.