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If you are a music freak and love to listen to music on the top of the volume but you are also conscious about the people around and wish not to disturb them or you want to enjoy movies late night without spoiling the sleep of your loved ones or to enjoy gaming to the fullest or to be connected with the phone with your pair of Bluetooth headsetsa pair of quality headphones will surely be helpful. For all the different set of requirements there are different set of headsets and headphones available in the market.

Suiting your requirements and budget you have ample choices to select the perfect pair of headsets for you. In the world of portability where everything is shrinking in terms of size and expanding in terms of technological advancements, you should also search for a compact set of headphone but this compactness can also vary on the basis of your requirements.

Depending upon different uses there are some vital distinct classification of these headphones which we will see in the below section.

  • Ear buds / Earphones / In-Ear or canal phones

    These types of earphones are the most compact size of the earphones. They are built of small tiny speakers which are meant to fit in to your ear cavity directly. They are the most portable form of ear phones. They are the smart way of listening to music when you go for jogging or while you cross your way to office. But they are a little compromise with sound quality as they do not provide high quality bass effects as compare to the full-size headphones. In-ear canal phones, slip in to the ear sticking properly to give you comfortable listening experience. Any of these phones can be painful when used for longer time.

  • Noise cancelling headphones

    Noise cancelling headphones are bit large that cover your ear with a padded earpiece that blocks the outer noise to interfere in your music. These head phones rest on the outer ears with speakers in the earpiece that covers the ear. They may require a comparatively high power to be used to enjoy music so look for your battery options first before buying them but they provide superior quality rich music.

  • Full- Size Headphones

    If you intend to listen to music at home or enjoy gaming with your friends this pair of a full fledged headphones are designed to give you heaven quality music. They may look a little bulky but they are the most comfortable set of headphones which have soft foam covered speakers that cover your ear completely giving you the best sound. They also come in two variants -Closed & Open.

    The Closed one stops the exterior noises to hamper your listening experience while the open one serve you to enjoy music while allowing the outer voices to let in. This set of headphones also requires high power to be used, so be conscious for the battery backups while you are outside home or on travelling. A neckband style of headset has become fairly popular among gamers where the band goes across the neck, but they do not affect the sound quality anyway so it's a personal preference.

  • Bluetooth Stereo headsets

    If your headphones' threads disturb you while driving-going wireless would be a good idea.
    There are wireless headphones which may use a radio frequency or infrared or a Bluetooth technology but considering the quality of the connectivity, the best is the Bluetooth. So go advanced by using a pair of Bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth stereo headphones are the ones which come with the facility to connect them to your personal phone and hear music on them and also answer/end calls. You can also connect your iPod, iPhone or Mac with the pair of Bluetooth headsets for the most convenient way of listening music.

    The 3rd generation or later also allows you to play/pause/forward the songs on the Bluetooth itself. You can also attend calls on your phones via Bluetooth headphone roaming around in your home. These headsets are the most expensive ones specially if you are going for a high quality pair and they also pose battery problems as they run on battery. So better prefer buying the one with rechargeable battery and also for an extra backup. So that you can walk when you talk!

    Now let's look at other features which are common in all set of headphones and headsets but are of major consideration while purchasing them.

    Sound Quality

    This is the most important feature to notice. Don't blindly go by the specification given in the product manual. Try listening to music on different pairs of headphones to judge it by yourself. Try checking the quality of bass & treble effects while listening to the song on the full volume. Being too small headphones pose limitation to these sound effects but you still can differentiate between a poor and an improved sound.


    You should without any doubt look for the most portable form of a pair of headsets considering your preference between any of the ear-fit / noise cancelling / full-size headphones.
    The pair of headphones should be light weight and compact in size. This factor is not very important in the case of ear-fit headphones but off-course in the full size headphones.

    Headphones' Functionality and Fit

    Most of the high end headphones give you the functionality to be connected or attached to any kind of PC or laptop/ TV/ iPhones / iPods or Media Players giving you inline remote control features to operate almost all the functions such as play/ pause, forward / stop, volume control etc.
    You should also try wearing a pair of headset and listen to music before buying to check if they fit properly in your ears without causing any discomfort.