Digital Photo Frame- Smart way to share and view photographsBuying Guides in Digital Photo Frames

What is Digital Photo Frame?
Gone are the days when you had to go to a professional, get your pictures clicked, develop and buy a frame to display it on your table-top. Digital photo frames not only display your photo but you can even change them according to your mood and wish. It`s a Personal Digital Picture Photo Frame that Displays Photos digitally and is a great way to display collections of your best moments. It is also able to display the photos on your TV set. You can change your pictures easily & efficiently through slide shows or single photos on a full color frame.

Why it is used?
This digital frame is a new generation photo frame. It is a perfect gazette for sharing photos without computer. It contains an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen which displays multiple photos in a slideshow format and it connects to the Internet via phone line to download new pictures and information to display on the screen. You have the flexibility of uploading new pictures smartly and very conveniently.

A Digital Picture Photo Frame requires three main parts to use-

LCD Panel: The panel can have either an analog or digital interface and varies in size.

PCB: PCB is the heart of a digital photo frame. It includes the device software.

Outside Frame: Electronic paper provides us picture, picture quality, color etc.

Type & Design of Product
Types of Digital Picture Photo frames to satisfy your needs:

Touch Border Digital Frame: Manage your Photos, Videos and MP3 Files with a Tap of the finger on the Touch Border Digital Frame.

Multiple Display Digital Photo Frame: It can display four different photos by a slide show at once with the help of a collection of viewing screens with remote control and inbuilt speakers.

Rotating Wireless Digital Frames: Wireless Digital Frames can rotate to display vertical and horizontal photos.

Round Photosphere Digital Frame: It looks like a cute button and has a spherical wood tone finish.

Photo Sharing Digital Frames: This digital Frames allows you to transfer images to a remote picture frame. It is a perfect frame for sending photos to your friends & Relatives.

Size & Features
This Frame is available in 7" x 12" in size. Most models show images at 430 x 234 pixels and the size is measured across diagonally. Obviously, the larger the frame, the more expensive it is. This would fit comfortably on a coffee table or mantel piece in a lounge.

Some Frames display only JPEG Pictures and some frames display additionally features with slideshow format, movie clips, MPEG Video, MP3 Audio, time, calendar and Text Files. Digital photo frames display the pictures directly from a camera memory card and some frames also provide internal memory storage. You can also upload your pictures in Frame via USB connection. Some frames are also able to share photo from frame to frame. Some frames with these quality also turn-off automatically at night, email photos to the frame, text Message to frame directly. Some Frames are available in rechargeable battery and interchangeable frames.

Resolution is measured in a "pixel by pixel" format. So the typically used 7inch frame give you a resolution of 720 x 480 pixels, and a larger 12 inch frame gives u 1400 x 1200 pixels. This screen can be "widescreen" format with 16:9 aspect ratios like a widescreen TV or 4:3 like a TV.

Brands Available
There are many brands available in the market such as-Samsung, Pandigital, Philips, Kodak, Sony, Toshiba, Polaroid, Transcend, INext, Yes, Kadio, Moser Baer, Wespro, Fujizone, and many more. But I would suggest take your time and go for the best!!!

This digital frame which is a new generation photo frame digitally recreates memories for you to share with your near and dear ones. It comes in two sizes to choose from. They have good pixel quality to enhance the photo quality and have different widescreen formats. You can transfer images from different sources, viz, USB, bluetooth,data cables etc.

You might have made up your mind and understood what to look out for while purchasing a Digital Picture photo frame like Bluetooth Capability, WiFi, Remote Control, Mp3 Camp ability and finally remember your Digital photo frames will probably be in a prominent position in the lounge, always on display even if it's switched off. So, you should make sure that it fits into the décor in your sweet home or you can choose a wood finish picture frame which compliments your home décor.

A good thought to gift someone & to make that person remember you for a longer period of time for such good gift from your side.