Womens Wear- Fashionable, elegant and comfortableBuying Guides in Women's Wear

Women are said to be a slave of fashion. They cannot resist looking at the sequenced sari or the necklace on the thin dummy through the glass window while crossing over. No women in the world can dare to say that she does not enjoy shopping and when it comes to shop for apparel, they go crazy because the markets are flooded with so many styles, designs and types of dresses. Some fall in love with the designer wears and brands and there are other breeds of women who do not give a damn to the brand rather they hunt for a more stylish, durable and economical pair of clothing. Some are very loyal to their dressing style and some change it with seasons.

No one can really put women wear in to categories because there are endless varies and styles and it is literally an ocean of colors, combinations, sequins, designs, fabrics, fashions and accessories. So here in this guide we would briefly cover most of the women wears so that we get an overall picture of all the choices available and how to add or remove them from a perfect wardrobe. Women's wardrobe seriously requires a vivid collection of different varieties of clothing to suit every occasion. There are casual and formal events where in a pair of cargo or pair of dressy pants with a sweat shirt would suit and there are social events wherein a heavy salwar suit or a latest designer sari would be suitable. An interview would require a dressy formal wear and a friend's birthday party theme might require you to wear a pair of jeans with tank tops.

Lets go through a mere classification of women wear to help you out to decide what does your wardrobe require:

Formal wear:

Formal wear are needed the most by the working women. They need to be looked presentable and stylish at the same time. For the day to day office life, you certainly need to have an outspread collection of formal dresses. Depending upon the degree of formalness and culture of the company or organization you work in, your wardrobe may have a complete western style collection or a mix of both Indian and western style clothes.
  • Indian Formals: Though there are no offices which require you to wear only Indian formal wear so you can have a mixed wardrobe for this purpose. You can have a great collection of churidars and kurtas which you can mix and match on different days. You can wear kurtas with salwars also styling a matching frilly duppatta. Solid color churidars give you a classic look, you can experiment with kurtas a lot, with option of sleevless, full sleeves, lengh sleeves or other stylish sleeves. There can be simple Nehru kurta or more designer kurtas in varying lengths.

    If you can really carry, you can also wear sarees. Sarees are traditional Indian outfit that suite every women. Sarees as an outfit are always in and sensual and fashionable at the same time. You can have different sarees in cotton, chiffon or other fabric that gives a sober look.
  • Western Formals: Western formals style basically revolve around bottoms and tops.

      1. Dressy Pants and shirts: Dress pants are for the typically formal events. You can team up them easily with any formal shirt or blouse. There are a wide range of classic dressy pants which you can wear in daily office life. Most popular are the narrow bottoms in mid rise to high waste. They come in many styles and cuts. Straight leg dress pants suit all the occasions. The fabric also presents a wide range. You should choose a silky fabric with a luxurious sheen in rayon, polyester, or wool. There should be minimal or no pockets and buttons in the dressy pants. You should choose solid color pants and should be paired up with dress shirts. Dress shirts are shirts with collars, with a full opening with buttons at full length and sleeves with cuffs. Women can also wear sleeves in formal wear. Shirts can be of cotton, silk, linen or wool.

      2. Skirts with shirts: Skirts are more popular in hospitality industry. Skirts with jackets make a good impact. Skirts with buttoned splits at full length or below knee are also acceptable. The solid color simple skirts are standard.

      3. Shirts, Blouses, and Jackets Dress shirts, tops, blouse and turtlenecks are the being worn with formal pants and skirts if they contribute to the overall formal look. Offensive words, cartoons, designs, colors, logos, pictures, prints are considered inappropriate for formal attire. You can easily team up them with sports coats and jackets.

    Casual wear:

    Casual wear include comfortable dresses basically made of cotton, jersey or linen. They are loose and are more colorful as they give you freedom to come out of your formal black suit. You can wear them according to the season or weather. A pair of jeans is a worldwide accepted casual wear. You can easily team it with various styles o tops and shirts and t-shirts. Jeans changes its shapes and sizes with every season but they are always in. So keep a pair of latest fashion in your wardrobe.

    Party Wear:

    You are young and vibrant and want to look your best in the office party, so you can choose to wear from an exquisite party wear collection. A trendy top with a skinny pair of pant would give you great look and keep you comfortable to enjoy dancing. If you require a more sophisticated look, you can wear a long flowing gown. A dazzling cocktail dress or a halter neck top with a knee length military skirt will make you stand different.

    For the social events like wedding or baby shower or on festivals you can wear the traditional perennial wear, a beautiful saree with a matching blouse and diamond jewellery. A heavy salwar suit with embroidery or crystal work will give you a comfortable unique look. Go for sober designs and bright colors suitable to you personality. Wear matching jewellery and complementing makeup to look your best.

    So these are some types of clothes which you can buy wisely to give your wardrobe a versatile look. While you make a purchase for this season, look in to your older collection of wardrobe and exclude which is out of fashion and try to find some pairs of clothing which are still in and can be easily worn with your new pair of clothes.