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Datawind is one of the leading developers of wireless web access services and products. Till date, the brand houses three distinctive tablets, UbiSlate, Aakash and UbiSurfer that provide amazing internet access and high quality multimedia experience. Its series of Ubislate allows users to use these DataWind tablets in a versatile way. The multipurpose style of DataWind tablet PC will show you how a tablet can be more than one's expectation. Of course, the 7 inches touch screen of the tablets brings down fun of prodding and poking immensely. If UbiSurfer snatches your first glimpse, then you can enjoy throughout WiFi connectivity for limitless internet access within hot-spot range. Being an incredible combo of tablets and netbooks, these types of DataWind creations promise more than the WiFi hotspots or 3G coverage offerings. Whenever the tablet detects mobile signal, it starts delivering internet access facility to the users. Ah! Finally, no need to splurge on USB dongles!

In the recent past, DataWind has developed and manufactured Aakash tablets, according to the IIT Rajasthan's specifications. These tablets are the Indian government's initiatives to abet in enhancing education quality. As these tablets are specially created and crafted for students so they garner worldwide attention. The jaw-dropping low price rate spurs the tablet PC industry to innovate more of these kinds as well.

So, from tab to educational device- the DataWind has every kind for everyone in store. You can flaunt its tablets as a smart phone or a phablet or an internet device or an e-book reader or a play station or a music and video player!

Via online shopping portals you can have stylishly designed DataWind tabs within an affordable tablet price range. Naaptol.com is one of the reliable shopping sites that offer products with a detailed specs and description so that you can choose the best.