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Dell is an International computer technology Corporation which is one of the largest laptop vendors in the world. Today, Dell laptops are widely used in most of the companies because of the services and performance they offer. Dell laptops comes with master features and are equipped with the latest i series processor and Intel-integrated graphics. Dell laptops effortlessly allow performing productivity tasks along with having fun and entertainment. Dell Laptops are currently available in three ranges in India. These are Inspiron laptops ? everyday essentials, XPS laptops ? the high performer and Alienware laptops - for gamers.

Inspiron laptops are entry level systems that serve your everyday needs within a budget. It further has sub-categories like - R series, Z series, Inspiron and a few Special Editions. Dell has recently added two latest models under the Inspiron R series, i.e., Inspiron 14R and Inspiron 15R. Both the systems feature latest 3rd gen Intel Core i5 processors that are decent enough to give an extraordinary performance. The special edition Dell laptops are the studio laptops with audio and multimedia features on the tips. Currently, there are three special edition laptops, all the three comes with 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processors, and power loaded graphics and strong speakers.

Dell XPS (Xtreme Performance System) laptops are a performer in itself. The laptops of this series not only promise high performance, but are themselves high performance ones. Sleek and thin, high performance, latest processor, long battery and super gaming are some of the key features of this series. Currently, there are three models running under this category. These are XPS 13 Ultrabook, XPS 14z and XPS 14 Ultrabook.

Gaming would not have been better without the Alienware series. If you are passionate for games and the hardcore gaming, then Dell Alienware Laptops are the right choice for you. At present, there are only two models available under this category. One is Alienware M14x and Alienware M17x. These laptops are meant for games and offer a great gaming experience. All the Dell laptops are appealing in design, with the smooth, shiny, glitzy, yet sober looks. Dell laptops are configured with latest processors; there are also some very basic Dual Core processor laptops, and some with lower configuration that can be further updated. Dell Laptops runs Windows 7 OS in almost all of its versions, some of which can be updated to Widows 8. Turbo Boost is an additional feature in some of the Laptops. As far as Dell Laptop price is concerned, Dell has placed its laptops competitively reasonable, with the Alienware series being quite expansive one.